NAET Technique

Back Pain

Back Pain

Blood Cloting

Car Accident

Chronic Hip Pain

Headache Fix

High Blood Pressure

Hip Pain

Nutrition Detox

Knee Dislocation Fix

Low Back Pain

Low Energy Fix

Martial Arts

Neck and Shoulders Pain

Neck Pain Fix

Neck Pain

Shoulder and Back Pain Fix

Back Pain Fix

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

Shoulders and Low Back Pain

Shoulders Pain

Sports Injury – Bicycle Accident


Wrist Pain

Anxiety Stress

Hockey Injury


“My name is Kulvadee Daniel, I came to Beverly Hill Wellness Center because I have pain in my lower back and left elbow.
My pain level was 7 after getting treatment for 6 weeks my pain level is down to 1.
I highly recommend coming to see Dr. Orpelli.
Now I’m pain free.”


“Dennis Dannel here. I came to the Beverly Hills Wellness Center for treatment of my left knee, which I injured while water skiing many years ago, and then reinjured doing a tumble dawn same stairs. When I first Came, my pain level was 8-9 with certain movements I wasn’t able to train in boxing which I love, and walking my dey was even a problem for me. Now, four (4) weeks after my PRP+ stem cell treatment, my pain level is 0-1 with those same movements and I can jump rope, on my way back to boxing again. I am so happy that I found the Beverly Hills Wellness Carter. Thank you, Dr. Orpelli”