9 Points of Functional Health

We address the 9 key points of health to help our patients achieve balance and function: physical, chemical, emotional, mental, energy, spiritual, metaphysical, electromagnetic, and magnetic.

Alternative Medicine Use

We pride ourselves in offering nature-based solutions such as homeopathic, flower, and herbal remedies and nutrition supplements.

Emotional, Physical + Metaphysical Healing

Healing is not a one-dimensional process. We take a holistic approach to get to the root causes of health problems and eliminate them at the source.



20% Off Inflammation Correction

125 million Americans suffer from inflammation. We can help you to eliminate it.

When you come into our center, we will conduct tests to evaluate the amount of stress that your body is carrying, in addition to testing for the type of inflammation you are experiencing (IL2 or IL10).

With this information, we will eliminate it using the latest advancements in diet and supplementation.

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20% Off Fatigue Correction

145 million Americans report experiencing fatigue. Do not fall to these statistics.

Most people resort to using caffeine and sugar to get a short-term energy boost. The truth, however, is that those short-term boosts come at a cost – the depletion of your adrenals.

Let’s work together to raise your energy level so you can live the vibrant life you’ve worked hard to achieve.

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