Our philosophy is to help and educate as many families as possible to reach and sustain maximum health. In the last 15 years, I dedicated my life to educate myself to learn and find the fastest and shortest way to heal people. We try to give the big picture of health and prevention medicine to patients and the public so they can make the smartest decision for their health goals. Whether their problem is from chronic pain, to mental release, or even just to sleep better. We have in our office, over 100 brochures to educate our patients and help them to choose the best way to live their lives. We focus on the cause of the problem instead of dealing with the symptoms. We believe that the body can take care of itself. The minimum we do is help the body be aware of the cause of the problem. Then the symptoms will disappear by themselves.


OBJECTIVE: To provide chiropractic healthcare to the community utilizing a holistic approach and other unique modalities.



Orpelli Chiropractic - 6399 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 307, Los Angeles, CA 90048 -- Chiropractor/Owner
Own and manage successful chiropractic practice since 1995
Offer frequent lectures to the Community of Los Angeles
Developed unique approach to Chiropractic care, incorporating nutrition, exercise
and chiropractic adjustments, as a preventative methodology
Specialize In Muscle Coordination and Strengthening of Muscles
Specialize in Sports and Industrial injuries
Specialize in teaching prevention exercise and ergonomics


1991 - Present Applied Kinesiology
1992 - Present Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.)
1992 - Present Total Body Modification (T.B.M.)
1993 - Present Contact Reflex Analysis (C.R.A.)
1994 - Present Bio Electrical Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.)
1994 - Present Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique (N.A.E.T.)


D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic, 1995, Southern California Chiropractic College, California
B.S., Anatomy and Muscle Rehabilitation, 1986, Wingate Institute, Israel


2001 - Present Member, National Safety Council
1987 - Present Personal trainer for weight loss, karate, and ergonomics programs
1996 - Competed in World Karate Championship in Brazil.
1991 - 3rd. Degree Black Belt in Karate
1988 - Competed in World Karate Championships in Glasgow, Ireland.
1987 - Karate Champion of Israel
1986 - 3rd. place Karate champion in California State Championships


2007 “7 principles to improve your health and function” retirement home Carmel Beverly Hills CA
2007 “Health and function what can we do about it” day care Beverly Hills CA
2007 “How to improve health and function” retirement home Beth Haim Los Angeles CA
1999 “Sport Injuries in Soccer”, Presented to Leadership of Soccer Leagues in San Fernando Valley
1999 “Exercise to Prevent Injuries for a Variety of Ages”, Presented to Leadership of Soccer Leagues in San Fernando Valley
1999 “Exercise for the Senior Citizen”, Presented to Senior Citizens of Beverly Hills
1999 “Lower Back Pain”, Presented to The Lions Club of Los Angeles
1999 “Diabetes and Nutrition”, Presented to Diabetic Association in Culver City, CA
1998 “Utilizing Chiropractic Medicine for Preventative Care”, Presented to Women’s Referral Service, Santa Monica, CA
1998 “Stress Reduction”, Presented to Business Network International, Beverly Hills, CA
1998 “Diet and Nutrition”, Presented to Professionals of Santa Monica, Santa Monica, CA
1997 “Environmental Stress Management”, Presented to Women’s Referral Service of Beverly Hills, CA
1997 “Automobile Related Injuries”, Presented to Contact Business Network, Los Angeles, CA
1996 “Stress and Exercise”, Presented to Senior Citizens, Long Beach, CA
1996 “Chiropractic as Preventative Care”, Women’s Referral Service, Studio City, CA